The Home Quarter

About the Home Quarter 

The agricultural headquarters of Farmland Legacies rests on a working organic farm nestled just south of Little Quill Lake near Wynyard, Saskatchewan. This location, referred to as "the Home Quarter", aims to be a model for sustainable land use and agriculture. The agriculture yield supports Saskatchewan food banks. On-site facilities, when fully developed, will provide living quarters and educational space for participants and visitors.

The Home Quarter farm is comprised of 7 quarters of land that has been seeded with grasses and legume hay to form a permanent cover. It is a beautiful mix of trees and open spaces, with plenty of sky and horizon located along quiet, low traffic roadways. The shoreline area near Little Quill Lake provides a contemplative and peaceful area that nurtures the energy of life. On almost any outing wildlife is visible, and during the migratory season many beautiful sights and sounds can be experienced.

Developing the Home Quarter

The facilities will be developed in three phases based on immediacy of need. The first phase of development (currently in progress!) supports production; it includes a livestock area, orchard, garden, maintenance shed and an office for on-site management. The Home Quarter began supplying much-needed protein products to food banks in Saskatchewan in the Fall of 2014.

The second phase will provide a residence for caretakers and more permanent participants. The Guest House and Community areas will be available for volunteers staying for shorter visits. Once more people are on-site, a Recycling Centre will help to minimize waste and promote sustainability.

The final phase of development will facilitate the communal and educational portion of the Home Quarter. Youth who are taking advantage of the outdoor classroom can camp or stay in the Bunk Houses and participate in social events at the Rec Hall.

Helping The Home Quarter

Friends Of The Home Quarter
Up to $1,000

Friends support the Home Quarter's necessary tasks in order to keep us working towards our larger goals of supporting sustainable agriculture and relief of hunger.

Companions Of The Home Quarter
From $1,000 to $10,000

Companions fund youth programs and internships, the Community Kitchen, and a website linking interested consumers with local producers. These donations will also contribute to the production costs of high quality protein.

Developers Of The Home Quarter
Over $10,000

Developer donations will allow us to build retreat and renewal facilities on the Home Quarter. These gifts will also provide green energy and utilities onsite and cover ongoing maintenance and improvements.


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