The Legacy of One 

You’re Invited!

I'm inviting you to join me in creating The Legacy of One!  There are numerous ways to participate, which are highlighted below under “One Dozen Choices”.  By serving it forward, your donation will become an integral part of the legacy of our work.

In reality, The Legacy of One is never only about one person--- it's about everyone.  We all make a difference and the difference is greater when we combine efforts.  Even the very beginning of life takes two!

There is an expression I like that states: “a mighty flood begins with a single drop of rain”.  I believe that each person can make a difference no matter how large or small the donation.  When each person does a little, it adds up to have a bigger impact than what we can do alone.

Together we can provide nutritious servings of protein to people in need.  It doesn't have to cost a lot and the benefits include:

  • You will become more aware of the benefit of giving in your own life.
  • You will be taking part in creating a renewable food system.
  • The nutritional intake of those who use food banks will be improved.
  • Farmland Legacies will either grow that protein or source it from farmers practicing sustainable agriculture.
  • The environment benefits from shortening the distance between consumer and producer.

Here's an opportunity to extend hospitality to a neighbour in need.  It can cost as little or as much as you wish and literally benefits the world!

May you find joy in serving it forward!

Duane Guina
Project Manager


One Dozen Choices

- Send $1 for every year you or a relative were actively farming to “the legacy of one!”

- Remember those with less and give up something a time or two and send the money you would have spent on it to “the legacy of one!”

- Use paper money for a period of time and collect all the change from purchases to contribute to “the legacy of one!”

- If you have children in school suggest to their teacher that the school host an event with the proceeds going to “the legacy of one!”

- Set aside $1 a month, week or day to remember those in our midst without enough to eat and send in an annual donation to “the legacy of one!”

- Ask your employer to match every employee who is willing to contribute $1 a month from their paycheck to “the legacy of one!”

- Take up a collection during a coffee break at work and send it to “the legacy of one!”

- Have a gathering and charge everyone $1 for coming and let them know you are sending it to “the legacy of one!”

- Set aside a small percentage of what you will spend on gifts this year and send it to “the legacy of one!”

- Hold an event and send the money raised to “the legacy of one!”

- Pledge a percentage of your vacation fund towards feeding the hungry and send it to “the legacy of one!”

- Share what you do with one other person in your circle of friends & family and encourage them to participate in “the legacy of one!”


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