Your land is your legacy. You want to know that after you are gone, your land will receive the same care and attention that you have invested in it. Farmland Legacies exists to ensure that your legacy continues to provide for those in need,making an impact that spans generations.


How Our Program Works

Farmland Legacies is a non-profit organization and registered charity devoted to regenerative agriculture and food security. We acquire arable land through donation or bequest and lease that land to persons who share our commitment to regenerative agricultural practices and act as stewards of the land.

Potential leaseholders are evaluated on their agricultural background, aspirational goals and financial need. Once leaseholders are successful in their application, Farmland Legacies continues to work with them to ensure that the land is managed responsibly, with a focus on providing long-term, ecologically sound stewardship.

Our goal is to promote regernerative agriculture, maintain healthy ecosystems and give new farmers access to land. Your land will remain farmland for generations to come, providing a renewable resource and contributing to the future of farming. That’s a legacy to be proud of!