As a way of honouring the legacy of those who have walked the rural path before us and to demonstrate our connection with the land, we proudly present the Home Quarter Wall of Fame.

Each pinpoint on the map below represents the home quarter (current or historical) of a prairie family.  Someone – like you! – has sponsored each pinpoint for themselves, relatives, friends, or those who have already passed on.  Click on a pinpoint to see that home quarter's information; zoom in or out, switch between map or satellite view.

Each registrant also receives a 7x5 inch / 18x12.7 cm certificate commemorating the home quarter they sponsor.  Copies of these certificates will be displayed in an album at the office for visitors to view.  Click here to see a sample certificate.

Follow the progress and tell your friends!



Join The Wall Of Fame

We need some unique information to assemble your Wall of Fame listing, so please access our Wall of Fame form here and send to Farmland Legacies.  Then click here to donate.  Please donate $100 for each Wall of Fame listing you desire.