Farmland Legacies is on the verge of launching a second protein contribution into food hampers across Saskatchewan. In December 2022, we piloted our "Lentils for Lunch" program in 4 different locations, serving 2400 meals. This went well, and so we plan to extend the program further in 2023 with a target of 40,000 servings. Every dollar donated results in 8 servings of lentils - a good dietary source of protein and fibre. By serving it forward, your donation will become an integral part of our work. We all make a difference and the difference is greater when we combine efforts!

Together we can provide nutritious servings of protein to people in need.  It doesn't need to cost a lot and the benefits include:  

  • You will become more aware of the benefit of giving in your own life.
  • You will help create a renewable food system.
  • The nutritional intake of those who use food banks will be improved.
  • Farmland Legacies will either grow that protein or source it from farmers practicing regenerative agriculture.
  • The environment benefits from shortening the distance between consumer and producer.

Here's an opportunity to extend hospitality to a neighbour in need.  It can cost as little or as much as you wish and literally benefits the world!

May you find joy in serving it forward!



A Few Ideas!

- Remember those with less and give up something a time or two and send the money you would have spent to “Lentils for Lunch!”

- Use paper money for a period of time and collect all the change from purchases to contribute to “Lentils for Lunch!”

- If you have children in school, suggest to their teacher that the school host an event with the proceeds going to “Lentils for Lunch!”

- Set aside a small percentage of what you will spend on gifts this year and send it to “Lentils for Lunch!”

- Pledge a percentage of your vacation fund toward feeding the hungry and send it to “Lentils for Lunch!”

- Share what you do with one other person in your circle of friends & family and encourage them to participate with “Lentils for Lunch!”


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