About Leafcutter Bees

Leafcutter bees are important pollinators for regenerative agriculture.  Primarily used for alfalfa in Saskatchewan, they increase seed set tremendously since alfalfa blooms are very tiny and do not pollinate as well from wind or other insects.  Farmland Legacies houses leafcutter bees at its Wynyard location and custom pollinates for farmers in the surrounding area.  The Wynyard farm is comprised of 7 quarters of land that has been seeded with grasses and legume hay to form a permanent cover. It is a beautiful mix of trees and open spaces, with plenty of sky and horizon located along quiet, low traffic roadways. The shoreline area near Little Quill Lake provides a contemplative and peaceful area that nurtures the energy of life. On almost any outing wildlife is visible, and during the migratory season many beautiful sights and sounds can be experienced.  

Why Leafcutters

Alfalfa is a forage used widely as a winter feed source for livestock.  It is good for the soil as it has the ability to fix nitrogen.  Fields have to be reseeded at intervals in order to maintain high production.  By custom pollinating for others, Farmland Legacies is able to ensure a steady supply of winter feed for the livestock and support the Harvest for Hunger program.  Farmland Legacies began supplying much-needed protein products to food banks in Saskatchewan in the Fall of 2014.  To date over 350,000 servings have reached those in need.

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